Coca Leaves Extract Decocainized1kg

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Buy decocainized coca leaf extract 1kg For Industrial Use.

Buy decocainized coca leaf extract. decocainized extract of coca leaf is one of the flavoring ingredients in Coca-Cola. Before the criminalization of cocaine, however, the extract was not decocainized, and hence Coca-Cola’s original formula did indeed include cocaine.

Source plant(s): Erythroxylum coca var. coca, 

Part(s) of plant: Leaf

Legal status: AU: S9 (Prohibited substance); CA:

Active ingredients: Cocaine, benzoylecgonine

ENACO has created the extract of coca leaf (Buy decocainized coca leaf extract), which preserves the benefits of this ancient leaf, such as avonoids, aromatic compounds, sugars, essential oils, fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals. Analysis of the nutritional composition of the coca powder, carried out by INASSA (International Analytical Services SAC). Test Report Nº69861. Is the coca leaf extract a drug? No, because it has been decocainized, that is, the natural alkaloids of the coca were removed. Therefore, coca tea decocainized can be used as a flavoring in food and beverages, with a view to the national and international market.

Coca Tea Bags (Buy decocainized coca leaf extract)

Buy Coca Teabags: These Peruvian coca teabags contain finely pulverized coca leaf packed in sealable filter paper. To prepare the coca leaf infusion known as mate de coca, just add hot water to this natural product. This coca leaf drink is safe for daily consumption and does not produce any harmful or intoxicating effects. It has beneficial properties that help maintain good health and combat certain medical conditions. It can be consumed in the morning, in the afternoon, or before bedtime.

Content includes minerals like calcium, iron, sodium, and potassium, as well as vitamins and other nutritious elements. Health benefits of this herbal beverage include mild stimulating and energy-boosting properties comparable to the effect of coffee or strong tea. Mate de coca is also used as a natural remedy to relieve indigestion, bloating, and stomach aches. The vitamins of the B complex contained in this Delisse coca leaf product facilitate high metabolic rates, helping the system burn extra calories safer. In combination with its appetite-suppressing property, this makes coca tea an ideal dietary supplement for those trying to lose weight. These Delisse coca tea bags are certified organic and 100% natural. It is a well-known brand of gourmet herbal tea. The flavor resembles fresh peppermint and green tea with a light hint of grass, pleasant to have at any time of the day. Delisse Tea is produced in Peru by Enaco, a government-owned company with hundred years of experience in the herbal tea business.

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